The manganese oxide catalyst was developed in the late 1980s. It was discovered that certain mixtures of manganese and aluminum oxides exhibit substantial increase in catalytic activity after thermal treatment at very high temperature. This thermal activation process made the resulting catalyst highly active and resistant to halogens, phosphorus, and extreme heat. 


  • Hundreds of commercial applications worldwide in wood, chemical, packaging and electronics industries
  • Reliable and low-maintenance catalyst combining high activity, long service time, and competitive price
  • Produced in variety of sizes and shapes to fit the requirements of each particular application. 15mm (5/8”) size ring-shaped catalyst also trade-marked as Z-2 is particularly effective in regenerative catalytic oxidizers (RCOs) and for converting regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs) into RCOs. Smaller size catalysts are used in recuperative oxidizers or after-burners operated with fixed or fluidized beds
  • The catalyst Z-2 was modified in 2012 to achieve lower pressure drop and mechanical strength along with higher activity. The modified improved catalyst is marketed under the brand name Z-2i.
  • Designed to operate in a wide temperature range, up to 700 °C (~ 1,300°F) long-term, with short excursions up to ~ 900 °C (~ 1,650 °F). This makes the catalyst particularly attractive for applications where surges of VOC concentration would cause sintering of other materials. In RCOs the beds of heat-exchange ceramics can be cleaned from organic PM through periodic bake-outs without catalyst damaging
  • Tolerates well many common catalyst poisons including chlorine, bromine, phosphorus, heavy and alkali and alkaline-earth metals, achieves 10+ years lifetime in wood industry and 5-10 years in painting applications  
  • Can be easily regenerated after poisoning through a short term temperature increase in operating oxidizer
  • Non-hazardous material, save for handling, loading, unloading, utilization, and disposal in common landfills.


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