Chromium and Copper-Based Catalysts


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Copper Chromium

Chromium catalysts have been used for oxidation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and carbon monoxide for over 40 years. They are highly active, competitively priced, and tolerant to low to moderate concentrations of sulfur and silicon-containing compounds.



Active component Copper chromite, CuCr2O4
>5% as Cu₂O₃, >10% as Cr₂O₃, Balance of Al₂O₃
Common shapes 3mm (1/8”) spheres, 3-7mm (1/8” – 1/4”) solid cylinders, 10 - 15 mm (3/8”-5/8”) holed cylinders
Internal surface area 150-250 m²/g
Bulk density 0.60 - 1.1 g/cm³, depending on shape and size


High Copper

The high copper catalyst enhances VOC oxidation at very low temperature and it is often used in combination with the manganese oxide catalyst. It can also be applied in decomposition of ozone emission and ozone-assisted catalytic oxidation of VOCs at room temperature.


Active component Copper Oxide, CuO
Support Alumina, Al₂O₃
Common shapes 4 mm (5/32”) extruded cylinders
Internal surface area >30 m²/g
Bulk density 1.6 g/cm³

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