International Conference on Unsteady-State Processes in Catalysis (USPC)

Forced unsteady-state operation of catalytic reactors has been proven to significantly improve efficiency of many heterogeneous catalytic processes. Such operation can be created by periodical changes in input flow parameters, catalyst circulation, reversing of the gas flow through the reactor, etc. Forcing a reaction system generates unique distributions of process parameters and catalyst states in the reactor often unattainable with traditional, steady-state operation. This can result in increased productivity and/or selectivity, capital savings, operating cost reduction and so forth.

Unsteady-state operation of catalytic reactors is often caused by variable parameters of input streams, or by deactivation of catalysts. These aspects of catalyst and reactor operation are important for achieving required process performance.

Design of catalytic reactors operating in unsteady-state conditions requires knowledge of dynamic processes on the catalyst surface, understanding of interplay of catalyst dynamics with processes of heat and mass transport, improved reactor and process configurations.

The purpose of the USPC-5 is to communicate recent progress in these and other areas of research and application of unsteady-state catalytic processes, with strong emphasis on practice, and to promote future development. We believe that this conference will help to establish new connections between academia and industry, and between engineers and scientists from different parts of the world.

The history of USPC conferences began in 70s in the Boreskov Institute of Catalysis, due to efforts of Dr. Yurii Sh. Matros. Initially of national scale, the meeting has grown into a world scale event in the 1990, when the first International Conference was held in Novosibirsk, Russia. It was followed by conferences in St. Louis, USA (1995), St. Petersburg, Russia (1998), and Montreal, Canada (2003, Web site)

The Fifth USPC Conference took place 2006 in Osaka, Japan.

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