Matros Technologies provides clients worldwide with a wide range of services including:

    • Custom process development, scale-up, and integration
    • Catalyst supply
    • Development of process models and simulation software
    • Catalyst performance and deactivation testing
    • Development of kinetic models of chemical reactions
    • Process feasibility and optimization studies
    • Unit operation review and analysis
    • Multiubular reactor assessment with MTSolve analysis tool
    • Plant troubleshooting
    • Assistance in development, design, and operation of pilot units
    • Assistance in plant start-up and operation
    • Personnel training

The services are provided by a team of world-class engineers with 15 to 40 years experience in chemical reaction engineering, process development, and supervision of plant design and operation. Click here to learn more about the experience and achievements of key personnel of Matros Technologies.


Our team has developed and licenses to Georgia Pacific Corporation a proprietary formaldehyde reactor simulation software, a unique and powerful tool that simulates complex behaviour of a partial oxidation process. In cooperation with Georgia Pacific, the software was customized to simulate different formaldehyde reactor configurations and operating conditions.

Since 1993, MT has been supplying Monsanto Enviro-Chem, Inc. with the full range of process engineering and technical support services needed for the development and marketing of two process technologies for VOC control based on reversed flow reactor concept: Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer (RCO) and retrofitting of regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs) into RCOs. Our work helped to implement the RCO technology in over 30 plants both dedicated and retrofitted.

For years, we have been cooperating with major suppliers of sulfuric acid production systems in the development of reversed-flow SO2 oxidation process technology. A recently started up 110,000 Nm3/hr plant in Port Kembla, Australia, has been designed by Hitachi Zosen Corp using MT’s technology and process engineering services.

We guarantee undivided attention to our clients’ projects and problems, efficient and cost-effective services, timeliness and integrity.


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