Catalysts for chemical industry

Matros Technologies offers a range of catalysts used for conversion of hydrocarbons and production of ammonia, methanol and hydrogen. The catalysts are manufactured by ALVIGO, a leading Russian catalyst supplier operating two catalyst manufacturing facilities and possessing unparalleled expertise in the development and production of catalysts and process technology.

Combination of products, expertise and resources of both companies creates an unique team capable of supplying world-class catalysts, process engineering, and technical services and assistance in plant operation

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Hydrodesulfurization of Natural and Refinery Gases

Catalysts of GPS and NIAP-01 series are used for hydrogenation of sulfur compounds found in natural gas and refinery gases used for ammonia, methanol and hydrogen production. The catalysts are highly efficient, successfully deal with drastic changes in sulfur content.

GPS-1F and GPS-3Sh are Al-Ni-Mo catalysts characterized by high hydrodesulfurization and hydrogenation activity and recommended for use at higher content of nitrogen containing organic compounds, olefins and carbon oxides in the feedstock. GPS-2F and GPS-4Sh are Al-Co-Mo catalysts that provide for even higher than GPS types hydrodesulfurization activity. All GPS catalysts possess excellent mechanical strength and catalytic, achieved at low content of active components due to optimal, "egg-shell" type distribution of active components in the pellet.

Product Composition
GPS-1F MoO3, NiO
GPS-2F MoO3, CoO
GPS-3Sh MoO3, NiO
GPS-4Sh MoO3, CoO
NIAP-01-01 MoO3, CoO
NIAP-01-03 MoO3, CoO or NiO

Purification from Sulfur Compounds

Zn and Zn-Cu absorbents of SPS-F and NIAP-02 series are designed for fine purification of natural, coke-oven and other process gases from sulfur compounds. Copper-promoted SPS-FP and NIAP-02-03 absorbents allow for a reduction in operating temperature down to 250°C, operation with reduced hydrogen feed, and removal of organo-sulfur compounds.

Product Composition
NIAP-02-03 ZnO, MgO, CuO
NIAP-02-05 ZnO, MgO

Primary Reforming

We offer several types of catalysts that feature different carriers, shape and chemical composition. The variety of catalysts makes is possible to design an optimum catalyst loading for different types of reformers, feedstocks, steam to carbon ratios, etc.

Product Composition
NIAP-03-01 Ni / Al2O3
NIAP-18 Ni
K-905-D1 Ni, La promotor
K-87-3 Ni, La promotor

Secondary Reforming

A range of catalysts have been developed and are used in secondary and autothermal reformers

Product Composition
NIAP-20 Ni
NIAP-20-01 Ni
K-905-D2 Ni
NIAP-03-01 Ni
GIAP-3-6H Ni

High-Temperature Shift

We offer four catalysts that differ in shape, pellet size, and chemical composition. Both conventional (STK-1) and promoted (STK-SF, Fe-Cr STK-SMT and STK-SMF) catalysts are produced, that latter not requiring desulfurization. The catalysts have high activity due to promotion by copper, can operate at low temperatures, low steam : gas ratio, and/or reduced catalysts loads.

Product Composition
STK-1 Fe2O3 + Cr2O3
STK-SF Fe2O3, Cr2O3, promotors
STK-SMT Fe2O3, Cr2O3, CuO
STK-SMF Fe2O3, Cr2O3, CuO

Low-Temperature Shift

Our LTS catalysts provide for excellent activity and very low methanol formation. Introduction of proprietary cement formulation significantly enhances mechanical strength of NIAP-06-03 and NIAP-06-04 catalysts.

Product Composition
SNK-2 CuO, ZnO, Al2O3
NIAP-06-03 CuO, ZnO, Ale2O3, CaO
NIAP-06-04 CuO, ZnO, Al2O3, CaO


Nickel catalysts contain between 30 and 40% of nickel, as NiO, exhibit high activity and reliable operation due to high content of very finely distributed nickel per unit volume. The catalysts withstand short-term overheating up to 550oC (NIAP-07-02 - up to 650oC) without activity loss, and ensure stable pressure drop throughout the entire lifetime. Ruthenium catalyst RKM-3 is used for purification from CO / CO2 at low temperatures, 150 o at the outlet

Product Composition
NIAP-07-01 Ni
NIAP-07-02 Ni
TO-2M Ni
RKM-3 0.3 % Ru

Ammonia synthesis

SA-S is our catalyst for ammonia production, also sold in pre-reduced form, SA-SV. It is made of magnetite with an optimum mix of promoters. The catalyst is prepared from a special, high purity raw materials. The catalyst has high and stable activity, is safe, and ensures constant pressure drop throughout its lifetime.

Product Composition
SA-S Fe oxides, promoted by K2O, Al2O3, CaO, SiO2
SA-SV Fe metal (72 %) and oxides, promoted by K2O, Al2O3, CaO, SiO2

Methanol synthesis

We supply two catalyst for syntheis of methanol, a conventional SMS-4, and an advanced SNM-U, representing a new generation of catalyst technology, offering high activity, selectivity, and mechanical strength. The combination of properties ensures production of high-quality methanol, raw material savings, and long service life at constant pressure drop.

Product Composition
SNM-U CuO, ZnO, Al2O3
SMS-4 ZnO, Cr2O3


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