Catalysts for Air Pollution Control.

In early 90-s, we introduced to the markets worldwide a series of base metal catalysts for oxidation of volatile organic compounds. The catalyst technology has been developed in Russia, rooted in rich tradition of catalyst science and technology. Our products invariably perform up to specifications in a large number of plants, providing required efficiency in destruction of pollutants for as long as nine years.

Catalysts for Chemical Processing

In 2004, Matros Technologies reached an agreement with Alvigo-M, a leading manufacturer of catalysts in Russia and Ukraine, to distribute Alvigo's catalysts worldwide. The catalysts are deisgned for large-scale manufacture of syngas, ammonia, methanol, and hydrogen. We are confident that the combination of Alvigo's technology, expertise, manufacturing and service capabilities with Matros' experience in catalyst sales and technical services would ensure that the customers receive world-class catalysts and services.

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